Building resilience with marine protected areas (MPAs)


MPAs can restore ocean health by preserving habitat integrity. They enhance ecosystem resilience, support fisheries productivity, protect biodiversity, and safeguard unique cultural traditions historically tied to the seas. 

Moreover, MPAs can be pilot sites for monitoring Climate Change and they serve as a link to the scientific community to anticipate steps for a more effective adaptation to change. 

Currently, MPAs that are fully or highly protected cover only 2.6% of the global ocean.

Protecting at least 30% of the ocean through MPAs would be ideal to meet a broad range of environmental and economic goals. Despite their key potential role in Climate Change mitigation and adaptation, most existing MPAs do not have enough human and financial resources to properly implement conservation and management measures. 

Increased political commitments is fundamental to boost the governance of and resources available to MPAs and tackle Climate Change.

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